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  • What is Total PDF Converter?

    This program enables you to convert standard PDF documents into multiple different types of formats. It can be ideally suited if content needs to be modified or if you plan on sending a file to multiple recipients.

  • Will I have to pay to install Total PDF Converter?

    Unlike some other more complicated software bundles, you will not have to pay to install this PDF converter. It offers a streamlined sense of functionality and while its interface is rather simple, the fact that it is free is a major benefit.

  • How much memory is needed by Total PDF Converter?

    Your operating system will need to have at least 15.79 megabytes of free hard drive space. This is comparatively lightweight compared to similar software and yet, you will still be able to enjoy flexibility.

  • Is Total PDF Converter safe for me to download?

    Softonic always goes to great lengths in order to ensure that all files are free from viruses and similar types of malicious programming. We test each program before listing it on our website, so you can remain confident that no malware is present.

  • What are some of the basic features associated with Total PDF Converter?

    Total PDF Converter offers several interesting and user-friendly options. For example, you can export documents into a wide variety of formats and you are able to adjust the configuration settings in order to accommodate for specific needs. A pop-up window will help to guide you through each step. This wizard is extremely useful if you have not performed PDF conversions in the past.

  • Does Total PDF Converter support batch file conversions?

    There can be times when you will need to convert a series of documents simultaneously (such as within business settings). This converter supports batch actions, so you will no longer have to monitor the process manually.

  • Can I allocate separate files for each page during the conversion process?

    If you wish to save each page as a different file (potentially useful when sending different documents to select recipients), you can change the settings to reflect this need.

  • What formats are supported by Total PDF Converter?

    This converter is able to export files into several common formats. These include XLS, BMP, JPG, DOC and BMP. You can select from a number of available options during the process itself. Please refer to the technical specifications if you wish to access a full list of the possibilities.

  • What operating systems are supported by Total PDF Converter?

    This software package is compatible with all Windows operating systems beginning with Windows 98. However, there is no version of this program designed to be used in conjunction with Mac computers.

  • Is Total PDF Converter compatible with mobile phones and tablets?

    There is currently no version of this bundle which can be used with smartphones and similar mobile devices. If you would like to know additional alternatives, please feel free to browse through Softonic; there are a number of worthwhile options at your disposal.